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The “mother city” of Tel Aviv is located not far from the hostel. It is a delightful 20 minutes walk along the beach, straight to the old city of Jaffa. In Jaffa you could enjoy beautiful old alleys and dozens of art galleries hidden among them, one of the finest Humus dishes in Israel (and some say, the best) the lovely flea market and all of the new caffes and restaurants surrounding it, and a unique atmosphere can only be found in a mixed town.


Neve Tzedek

10 minutes walk from the hostel, Neve Tzedek it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas in Tel Aviv and was the first neighbourhood built in the “new” city, back in 1887. Nowadays it is the home of many artists and writers. The architecture of Neve Tzedek is definitely one of the highlights in the area. Beautiful old houses restored to grandeur by modern architects and designers.
There are plenty of restaurants, galleries and many little shops in the area to keep one busy for a whole day.

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Tel Aviv Old Port

A 10 minutes bus ride or a longer but much nicer walk by the Tel Aviv beach, leads you to the old Tel Aviv port. The port, nowadays, is a home to many different cultural activities. Besides shopping all your favorite brands, you could enjoy the new market operating on the port (Shuk Hanamal), which offers fresh and unique products, all under the same roof. On Friday mornings, Shuk Hanamal joins forces with the Tel Aviv farmers market, as small producers set up stalls in the adjacent squares for a unique culinary celebration.

At night the Tel Aviv port changes into  one of the biggest nightlife centers In Tel Aviv, and offers anything from huge clubs to small dark bars to have a drink or two.


Hayarkon Park

Next to the Tel Aviv port you can find Tel Aviv’s green sanctuary in the midst of the big city.  The park attracts families, youngsters, joggers and anyone who feels like a breath of fresh air, and would be the perfect location for a lazy afternoon picnic. It isn’t exactly Central Park, but it’s nice, cozy and offers a wide variety of activities such as sport courts and boat renting.

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