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No matter what day it is, no matter how late it is, there is always a new adventure to be found in Tel Aviv.

Here are a few tips for the Nocturnals among you, from our own personal nightlife guru, Tom Givol.

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Bars are constantly opening and closing in Tel Aviv. Every week there a new place to check out, and another to say goodbye to. Every once in a while a new concept pops up and rules town until being replaced by another. Every Part of Tel Aviv offer a very different bar experience.
For a more laid back casual evening try going out to Florentin neighborhood. If you want to see and be seen, Dizengof Street is the one for you. And if you are a bit of rebel, check out all the placed located in Central Allenby.
And no matter who you are, our best tip is: ask at reception, they would know.



Mainstream clubs would usually be open to any guest over 18 and would operate daily during the summer and on weekends on the wintertime.
The underground scene in Tel Aviv is usually limited to 23+ and up.
On both types of clubs you might face a selection, but as long as you make sure not to come in huge groups, and not to make a fuss in the cue, everything will be alright.
Mainstream lovers should check out the Clara beach bar, located by the Dolphinarium, the Valium located on the top of a tower on Ben Yehuda street, or the Morfium on Shaul Hamelech street.
You electro lovers should check out the Block which holds one of the best sound systems in the world, and often hosts the best international talents in house and Techno. (Salame rode)
The Bootleg on King Gorge, and the Deli on Allenby will offer a more intimate yet- super intense Electro experience. Also check out the Pasaz’ on Allenby and the Breakfast Club on Rothchild boulevard.



Tel Aviv is known to be a super gay friendly town, and as such, it holds  a special pride moth once a year, and some of the best gay clubs in the Northern Hemisphere, not for gay only! Don’t miss out on the Evita on Yavne Street and the Sexy Shop on Dizengoff Street.


Live Music

Here are a few places that offer the best live shows on a regular basis
The Barby Club on Salame road, is the biggest live show clube in Tel Aviv. Many great bands from all genres and countries.
Ozen Bar on King George Street, go there to get a sample of the hottest names in Tel Aviv independent music.
Levontine 7 (address like the name) the most experimental live show club in Tel Aviv, don’t miss out…
Also check out Café Bialik on Bialik Road and the Zimmer on Hagdud Haevri 5 Street.

Photo credit Bars: Dana Fridlander on http://www.goisrael.com/

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