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Welcome To Our Hostel

Hayarkon 48 in Tel Aviv is the best hostel in the city, strategically located at the heart of the city. With over a decade of experience hosting guests from all over the world, and a staff that loves its job and loves Tel Aviv, Hayarkon 48 is just the hostel you were looking for.

We Are Here To Stay

Hayarkon 48 was founded in November 1998 by Omri and Dotan, cousins who spent years traveling the world. Their skill and experience make Hayarkon 48 precisely what backpackers and tourists need to make their trip a success.

The layout and facilities encourage guests to socialize and meet new people. There’s plenty of room for activities and parties on the hostel rooftop or in any of the common areas in the building.

More for Our Guests

Hayarkon 48 is designed to suit all kinds of visitors, from families or groups to people traveling alone. Whether you choose a private room or a dormitory room, you’ll enjoy all of the hostel’s facilities. We offer a fully-equipped kitchen, comfortable lounge with a wide-screen TV, pool table, hot water 24 hours a day and free Wi-Fi. The doors are kept locked at all times for your safety but there’s no curfew and our reception operates around the clock so that you can come and go as you please.

The Best Location in Town

Hayarkon 48 is only two minutes away from the beach and the hottest locations in Tel Aviv. The city’s night life and most popular hangouts and attractions are right at your fingertips. The hostel is conveniently located near supermarkets, bakeries and kiosks open 24 hours a day, as well as post offices, cinemas and shopping centers. Hostel guests enjoy great discounts at local restaurants, hangouts, attractions, guided tours and more.

Experience Tel Aviv

Other nearby attractions are the popular Carmel Market, the trendy Nahalat Binyamin art fair, and Old Jaffa, just a 20 minute walk from Hayarkon 48.

Our staff members are all friendly, English-speaking Israelis who know Tel Aviv like the back of their hands. They’re here to answer all of your questions, big and small. Ask them about the city’s best-kept secrets so that you can experience the genuine vibe of the city just like the locals do.

Hayarkon 48, the full Tel Aviv experience!

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